Kay Ackles - Living with Football Great Bobby Ackles - and Your Tax Questions


My Guest on Around the World on July 15th was Kay Ackles, widow of Bobby Ackles who passed a year ago as the General manager of the BC Lions Football Club of the CFL after literally starting as the Water Boy
You'll enjoy this wonderful insight into what it was like to live around the football greats of the CFL, NFL and even the XFL as they moved from Vancouver to Dallas, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Miami, Las Vegas and then back here to BC. Some of the stories have not been told before.
Wednesday July 15, 2009,   my first Guest was Kay Ackles, widow of Bobby Ackles,  who passed  away in July 2008.  She was the lady behind the man.  The one who did the entertaining and kept things going when he was up to his neck.
Bobby, of course, was the General Manager of the BC Lions and former General manager of the XFL's Las Vegas Outlaws before returning to Vancouver and the BC Lions as General Manager, a team for which he had started as the Water Boy (also the title of his book with Ian Mulgrew). 
In between, Bobby worked with the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins, and Phoenix Cardinals in the NFL.  Kay's story as the wife who did all the entertaining, etc., is fascinating. 
Their son, Scott Ackles is now the President of the Calgary Stampeders.

Tax questions answered:

I exceeded my 2 a day limit for free questions in that week so we scheduled a question and answer session for the second hour. 

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I am trying to make this show a combination of World wide financial and tax information and intersperse it with hour long interviews with interesting people. If you look on the archives at www.david-ingram.com, you will find many interesting subjects from Kris Paulson with his Norwegian Folk tales to Ellen Thomsen with her "ILLUSIONS, Diary of a High Class Escort" to Paul Swingle, curer of ADD and Asperger's and Bill Vander Zalm, former Premier of BC on his book, "FOR THE PEOPLE"
I just do not have the time to answer every phone call or question sent to me when they are interspersed.  If we get them all at one time in a week, it is fun and will spread the word.


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