Can Canadian students work for the summer in Chicago or another 19 counties? How about a work program for American or UK student


My 19 year old niece wants to work in Chicago next summer (in 2010). She will turn 20 in the middle of the summer 2010.


She is a Canadian going to school in Montreal.  She resides with her Dad in Canada when not at school.  


Her step-dad and mom are living in Chicago. Her step-dad is working under a TN visa.


What does she need to do in order to be able to work legally in Chicago next summer?


david ingram replies:

Under the Canadian SWAP (Student Work Abroad Program) program, she can work for up to 4 months anywhere in the USA that will give her a job between May 1 and Sept 30th, 2010.

basics at   -

She must be 18 or over - she is - and in full time attendance at a Canadian University.

check it out at

SWAP also deals with another 11 countries including Australia, etc.

If she wanted to go to The Czech Republic, Australia or another 18 countries for  up to a year, she could check out

Lots of choices for anyone between 18 and 35.

American Students should be going to

UK students can look here

29 countries participate in an actual student exchange - i.e. go to school in the other country if you leave between 15 and 18 1/2 at

Hope this helps and happy exchanging


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