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question: I am living and working in Canada for a US company. I will be a sales rep trying to sell their goods to retail companies in Canada. What employment contract should be used? I am going to be on commission.

What do I need to know about taxes on any money I receive?

Should this US company deal with a Canadian lawyer?

If so, who is experienced in such situations?

I live in BC. Thank you.

david ingram replies:

The question has too many parameters to answer fully in this venue.  However I recognize you as being the person who got through on the phone.

As I said, I charge for the kind of things your were asking and you and possibly your employer need to talk to someone to decide how they are going to deal with you. If necessary, we could easily do a conference call with the person who is hiring your services.

Briefly though you have two main possibilities:

1.   The US company opens up a payroll account in Canada and hires you as an employee.  They will deduct CPP, EI and Income tax from your wages.  If you are getting a salary with a commission, this is likely the best way for you and your company.  If laid off, etc., you can claim Employment Insurance.


2.   You become your own company which can be incorporated although i suggest 99 times out of a 100, that you remain a proprietorship.  This is what you should do if you are being compensated mostly or entirely by commission and will work out of your own premises at your own hours with your own car and computer and other tools.  The advantage is that if you are a proprietorship and have a mortgage, you can use the proprietorship to make your mortgage interest deductible.

For more information on making a mortgage deductible, see the November 2001 newsletter in the top left hand corner at


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