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xxxxxx xxxxxxx wrote:
Dear sir,
I am xxxxxxxx from sri lanka and currently live in united states as a
green card holder.But I dicided to live in canada coz one of my relation
is living there as a legal problem is can I take the
residentcy in canada without damaging my PR status in usa?How could i do
it?after I took the PR in canada if i travel to usa once a six month can
I keep my PR status in usa?
Please anwer me....



david ingram replies:

I had an assistant from Sri Lanka for four years. He worked for me long
enough to get his Canadian Citizenship and then went to work in the
states on a TN, got an H1B and then a green card and is now a US citizen
in New Jersey.

I have another old assistant from Mumbai who is dying to get a green card.

If you come to live in Canada, you will effectively give up your green
card UNLESS you file form I-131 BEFORE you come to Canada. I have seen
an I-131 extended up to 8 years and four or five is quite common so you
CAN come to Canada, get your Canadian Citizenship and keep your green
card alive.

However, if you have been in the US for three or four years, don't do
it. Get your US citizenship FIRST. Then come to Canada as a PR and get
your Canadian Citizenship.
Another cool method is to do something like work in Niagara Falls,
Ontario or New York,.

You can keep your US green card alive by sleeping in the US 6 1/2 months
and keep your Canadian PR status alive AND have Ontario Medical Benefits
by sleeping in Ontario for 5 1/2 months.



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