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Dear Mr. Ingram,
1.    I am a client of Fred Snyder's.  I got your name through his office and hope you can give me some guidance..
2.    I am trying to help someone close to me with his tax problem - mainly of not filing and paying his taxes for several years.  After having most of his money garnished, he has little ability to handle the remaining balance, with interesting piling up every day and approaching $14,000, not counting the upcoming 2009 season.
3.    My question for the larger picture is whether engaging the help of a consultant such as yourself or a tax lawyer will affect the outcome as to the amount he will have to pay back - namely, will there be any room for negotiation, or compassion.
4.    In addition to that, do you think Revenue Canada will be open to working out a payment plan and halt the penalty?
5.    What will be the best approach to take if I choose to help and represent him in this matter?
6.    Also, can you please tell me what a Discharge Memorial of Judgment is?  Good or bad?
7.    I will be very grateful for your advice.  Thank you so much.
Sincerely yours,

david ingram replies:

Paragraph 2-- If he has no assets, a bankruptcy is likely the best method

3.   A tax lawyer could be of help but more likely a bankruptcy lawyer with a knowledge of tax would be better.  I suggest Murray Morisson at (604) 930-9013

4.   The CRA works out payment plans all the time.  You have to talk to the collection agent to arrange it.  Again, having a bankruptcy lawyer arrange it would likely be more powerful. However, unless the CRA made an error or delayed things, or your friend had severe medical or other problems, it is not likely that interest and penalty will be halved.

5.   I do not know enough to advise you.

6.   A "Memorial of Judgment" is simply an olde English term meaning a judgment.  It was never used in the west but there were lots of them in PEI, New Brunswick and even Nebraska and Australia in the 1800's.

A discharge means that the judgment does not exist anymore.

First you have to ascertain what the total liabilities will be -- In another 45 days, you will be able to figure out 2009 as well.

Then, if he has assets, figure out a payment plan and if there are no assets,  consider bankruptcy.

hope this helps

david ingram

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