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david ingram replies;

Every country has a different set of rules.

If it is a serious record, no country will allow a person with a felony in without going through a process of rehabilitation or obtaining a waiver or some other document.

Canada, for instance will not allow in a person with a single DUI without their obtaining a travel document and paying $200 to $400.

The US WILL allow someone with a single DUI or a single shoplifting charge but will not allow in someone who admits to smoking marijuana or admits to using LSD or crystal meth or cocaine or heroin, etc., even if they were not charged and or convicted,.

So the answer is basically yes.  There is a list and it includes every country but the US. The United states is the only country that will allow a US citizen to enter with a criminal record.

And the biggest problem is that computer records are  being updated around the world and information shared that was unavailable before.  Because of this, people with a record who have been going to Costa Rica or Panama or Fiji for years are suddenly being turned away even though they have been there a dozen times in the past.

There is even a law passed that would keep Canadians with criminal records off of Canadian or Japanese or Korean or Mexican Airplanes which are flying over the US without landing.  It is not being enforced yet, but watch out, it will not be long.  That would keep Canadians off of planes flying from Winnipeg or Calgary or Vancouver to Toronto where the plane dips into the US and it would stop anyone from flying to Hong Kong or Japan when the plane is scheduled to fly over Alaska or someone from flying from Toronto or any other Canadian city to Mexico City or Guadalajara


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