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hi mr. ingram,
what is the process and how long does it take to sponsor parents
from asia to canada?
can a fether-in-law for example come here as a tourist then while
here, start the process of sponsoring?
please advise... thanks
david ingram replies:
You may sponsor your parents.  When doing so, you must sign an
undertaking to support them for ten years after they become a
permanent resident.
he bad news is that there is a limit of 6,000 parents a year
allowed into the country under this program.  When I last
checked, there were 122,000 individuals in the waiting list which
means a 20 year Plus waiting period.
You will find the instructions in this guide:
You will also need the Undertaking to Sponsor form !MM 1344A
and the sponsorship agreement IMM 1344B
and the Financial Evaluation form IMM 1283
You should print out the document checklist IMM 5287
You can pay your fees at
Many people in your position have their parents here as temporary
visitors.  If they are here as temporary visitors, they do NOT
qualify for provincial medical plans and a minor illness can
prove to be very expensive.  I have seen two families saddled
with medical bills in excess of $200,000 in the last three years.
$40,000 or $50,000 of medical expense is quite common.
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