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We have been asked to enter into an investment with these people for
 the purpose of saving tax money and wondered what your take might be on
 it. We have heard good things and our financial advisor is doing his due
 diligence on it as I write this. for tax savings
 and for investing and receiving 12-18% paid quarterly
 on the investment locked in for 2 years.
 It was good visiting with you last week and bringing our taxes up to
 We have both sent in our paperwork for CPP and OAP respectively!
david ingram replies:
Don't touch it with a ten foot pole or a 12 foot Ukrainian.
It is a Ponzi or "Prime Lettrer " Scheme.  -- Shane Smith, the president of Borealis International was "indicted" along with a lot of others on Dec 7, 2006 for illegally selling unregistered Ontario.
Shane Smith (with others) is forbidden to deal with any securities or investments until June 14, 2007 under a temporary order (section 127(7) of the Ontario Securities Act) which will undoubtedly be made permanent. Shane is also required to put the cease trading order on his website which he has not done. 
I am forwarding a copy of the following  - to the Ontario Securities Commission. 
It is why Synergy is asking people to sign a non-disclosure document.  If you have a financial advisor seriously looking at this, you need another advisor.  In my opinion, he or she is either dishonest, naive or just plain stupid and not someone you should be dealiong with. 
Although it took a bit f looking, it was relatively easy to find. 
Your advisor should have done their due dil;igence BEFORE presenting it to you.
All together Shane Smith and his cohorts have sold at least $23,000,000 of this junk since 2001. 
 It is all offshore, unregulated and untraceable and uncollectible.
You can find out more about the "type" of deal it is by reading a 1998 explanation on my website at
I spent aboput 90 minutes on this and am charging you for one hour.
You can find out a whole lot about the Shane Smith stuff - Remember he is the president of Borealis - at
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Authored by: SS on Saturday, February 27 2010 @ 02:26 PM PST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE - international non-resident cross border income tax help assistance ex

Dear Mr Ingram,

I have long been amused by your response to an enquiry regarding Borealis International and The Synergy Group not simply because of your lame "Ukrainian" comment, but because of your complete lack of knowledge regarding a product line that you took the liberty of commenting on - as a "professional." Now far be it from me to interfere with your business or your advice; however, when one "professional" goes out of his way to make a damaging comment regarding another business and it is found to be without fact, then we have a legal situation known as "libel." Now I will admit that your cutting and pasting of links made you appear as though you were knowledgeable and "should really charge for 90 minutes"; however, you were extremely careless in your approach and this sir, often costs those whose egos outweigh their care and diligence. While I have little interest in explaining the nuances of the Borealis or Synergy Group programs to you, I will say with confidence that you were completely incorrect in your commentary, frighteningly inaccurate in your FACTS and foolishly careless in your attitude and approach.
Although I warned you once in the past regarding your comments about our group and demanded a retraction until you could prove your allegations, you chose to ignore me - this is your prerogative. In turn, I will be taking you to task on each of your public allegations and comments so I trust that you are able to back them up with solid, supportable facts. If you are relying on third party findings to assist you in this then you may be in for a rude awakening and subsequently on very thin ice for words that you have printed that cannot be retracted.
Good luck Mr Ingram, my lawyers are less cordial than I am.
Shane D. Smith
The Synergy Group
Borealis International

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