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Hi David,

I understand that a TN Visa holder sponsored by the U.S. company (XXXXXXXXX) can not have the U.S. company pay his Canadian company as a 1099, but only as a W-2.  My question is this:  What if the Canadian contractor opens a U.S. based company (XZY company), would the U.S. company still be able to sponsor the TN Visa and then pay the Canadian contractor as a 1099 through his U.S. based company?

I appreciate any insight you might be able to give me.


david ingram replies:

The first condition of getting a TN visa is that the Visa holder can NOT be self employed.

If the Canadian gets a TN visa to work for ABC company, he or she can be paid on a 1099 or a W2 basis.

Getting a 1099 does NOT necessarily mean that one is self-employed under the immigration rules.  What it means is that they are a contract employee without benefits. And, in my opinion, it does not make any sense whatsoever for a Canadian to work on a 1099 basis unless they are commuting back and forth to the employment in the US.  The reason is that if they are living in the US and working in the US, they are now responsible for paying both halves of social security and usually have no medical or other benefits.  A lousy place to be in my opinion.

Since, the visa was issued for the Canuck to work for ABC company, ABC company can only pay that person.  Again, Homeland Security does not care how he is paid, as long as he or she only works for ABC company, does not flash a self-employed business card and is not running around soliciting other business as a proprietor.

Now, the person can have more than one TN.  i have had clients with 8 at one time where they are consulting engineers and working on very complicated things on an occasional basis for multiple people.

The neat part is that if you go to the border with four TN applications at once, only one fee is charged for all four or five or six, etc..

What is not well known is that a Canadian company can get a TN for its employee to work in the US. 

So, if I, for instance, wanted to send a couple of CPA's or CA's across the border to do some work for me, I could apply for TN's for them and they could be working at someone else's place in the USA and that business could pay me and I could pay the CA or CPA or lawyer, etc..

That sounds like your original question's answer would be yes.  However, I can NOT get a TN for myself so if your example owns his own company in Canada or the US, he or she does NOT qualify for a TN.

On the other hand, if there were ten equal shareholders in the company and he was just one of the people working for a company he happened to own 10% of, he would qualify for a TN.

Getting ten friends to help you out by owning shares of a company does not work either if the ultimate mind and control is that of your example.

You do not want to fool around either.  Setting up something to "LOOK" legitimate would be a criminal violation of US immigration law.  You do NOT want to be involved in that stuff.

More on Postville IA raid

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Several newspapers reported that arrests have begun at the low managerial level for immigration fraud. None of the top executives, including the surrounding the Rubashkin family, from Brooklyn, has been arrested, but I expect that is in the cards, and for offenses which carry serious time in the slammer. The Wall Street Journal reports that one official described the working conditions in the plant as "medieval."

The Wall Street Journal article:

U.S. Arrests 2 Supervisors at Agriprocessors
July 5, 2008

Federal agents Thursday arrested two supervisors at Agriprocessors Inc., a large kosher meatpacking plant, on charges that they helped illegal immigrants secure fake documents and encouraged them to reside in the U.S.

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Hope this helps.


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