US Investment and Investment rules 7 PM - and 8 PM is Emotional Problems with Children: Oppositional Behavior, Conduct Disorders

To get on AIR, call 1-866-980-0499   free call from anywhere in North Amercia. Your US / Canada Tax and Investment tax Questions will be  

Well tonight - March 25, 2009 is a special night for anyone who has, or has a friend or relative who has Emotional Problems with Children: Oppositional Behavior, Conduct Disorders, Adoption Issues and Depression
And, Of course, since this is going  out to a tax audience, it is also very important for anyone who lives in the US and still has an RRSP or other financial account in Canada or who is a US citizen or Green Card holder who has any foreign bank accounts "in Canada" or who still has a US IRA or 401(K) an dthe US handler has told them that they can NOT do anything with the accounts any more.
The following is a repeat of what I sent out a week ago
I have started a phone in INTERNET television show.  This is very informal.  you will see people walking on and off the set.  It is intended to be that way.  A very few breaks are planned.
Every Wednesday night until further notice, I will be hosting a 3 hour program from 6 PM to 9 PM (Vancouver BC Time) at
For the immediate future, the first hour will be devoted to general topics. 
Tonight, Wednesday, Mar 25,  2009,
6 to 6:30PM will be an interview with Ellen Thomsen, author of  'ILLUSIONS, DIARY OF A HIGH CLASS ESCORT" The book is available at Trafford Publishing - Your chance to talk to the author Ellen Thomsen.
6:35 to 6:51 PM  will be an interview with Christine Buckham   CIEHT, CRP Pacha Luna Integrative Healing , North Vancouver , B.C.. about Energy healing (778) 928-0307 -  This is / was a pre-recorded show which is just 16 minutes long and Christine will not be here to take your calls.    see more at - Then after a short break.
6:30 to 7:00 PM will be devoted to Richard Pitt, the person responsible for this program.  Richard and his partner Stuart Lynne were the very first Commercial ISP (Internet Service Providers) in Canada way back when.  You may remember them as  Richard was also the person who put the cameras in the eagle nests two years ago and hosted the single most watched live broadcast on the internet up to Obama's inauguration in 2009.  The Pope did beat them for a couple of minutes as well, but Richard's Eagle Nest went for months.
7 to 8 PM will be Dan Walkow from 541-9952 or (604) 541-9952. Dan is one of the few people licenced to deal with cross border investments.  If you , your brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, best friend, worst enemy, etc., live in one country with money invested in the market ot mutual funds or a 401(K) or a 403(B) or an IRA or an RRSP or a RRIF in the other country, Dan is the person to talk to about actually handling the account.  You can tell he is serious because his web site shows it with both flags fluttering.  If you have a tax or investment question, call at this time.
8 to 9 PM will be Dr Paul Swingle at (604)  Dr Swingle is a genius when it comes to Brain Scans, brain waves and cures ADD, Closed head injuries and other brain problems.  Dr Swingle has set up the next four shows as follows:

LAST WEEK - Wednesday, March 11TH at 8pm Last weeks is in archives at

Emotional and Physical Traumas to the brain:  Emotional Trauma, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Traumatic Brain Injury

TONIGHT Wednesday, March 18TH at 8 pm

Optimizing Bain Functioning:  Age Related Declines, Dementias, Strokes, and Optimal Performance Training

Wednesday, March 25TH at 8pm

Emotional Problems with Children: Oppositional Behavior, Conduct Disorders, Adoption Issues and Depression

Wednesday, April 15TH at 8pm

Anxiety Disorders:   Alcoholism/Addictions, Headache and Sleep Disorders, Panic Disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Immune Deficiencies

Wednesday, Feb 25, we dealt extensively with common ADD and Aspergers and you can find the show archived at  remember, if you have a question on any of these subjects, this is the time to call.  If yuo have a fdriend with a son or daughter or wife or husband taling Ritalin or Prozac, CALL THEM and get them involved.  This program CAN/WILL change their lives / your life.
Wednesday, Mar 4th, we dealt with Depression, SAD, and Personality Disorders
If you have a question, feel free to call.  If you are in the lower mainland or outside the continent of North America, call 604-980-0321.  If you are in North America (except Mexico), call toll free at 1-866-980-0499 to  talk to Richard Pitt, Dan Walkow, Paul Swingle or myself.
That is one possibility for a free question.
The second is to phone Fred Snyder's Show on CKNW radio  "IT'S YOUR MONEY" from 5 PM to 6 PM (Vancouver Time every Sunday.  the number to call is (604) 280-9898.  You can find out more about Fred at You can listen to this show live on the INTERNET at
Hope this helps.
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