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Thank You David Ingram

Shortly before David's untimely death, he donated all the equipment he and I had been using for his online show from his home in North Vancouver.

Today, March 6, 2011, marks the beginning of Live From Hancock Wildlife Foundation Research Center - a new online video presentation from Hancock Wildlife Foundation

I met David Hancock through David Ingram, nearly 30 years ago. Today I'm the Executive Director of Hancock Wildlife Foundation and I can't think of a better use and legacy from David Ingram's huge media presence over the years, including the many times he had David Hancock on his TV and internet programs.

I can assure you that we'll put all this equipment to the best use possible - and we'll continue to tell you about David Ingram's involvement in David Hancock's endeavours - including his many trips with Hancock to gather grouse and ptarmigan in Alaska and Northern British Columbia, as well as his involvment in CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Bless you David Ingram - and thank you from all of us.

Richard C. Pitt


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