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I am a US Citizen by birth but have lived in Canada since I was six months old. (I am now 43). I have never had a SSN or filed a US income tax return. My company wants me to move to their U.S. office. I applied for an SSN now what should I do with my taxes?
My Taxes are somewhat complex including a rental property that was bought in 88 and sold in 99. There were employment expenses for a few years and a car that changed use etc. There were also some stocks and bonds, RRSP's etc. And of course T3's T5's T4's, charitable donations etc. I own a home here and my wife works as well (She is Canadian) I have allready filed the I-130, and the I-129F for her K3 Visa so all I need help with is taxes. My Income last year was 125,000.00 CDN. Is it possible I might even get a refund from Uncle Sam or is that a myth?
I also heard I should just file 3 years and see what they say..
Any help appreciated.
david ingram replies:
This came as I was walking out the door.  
You should go back six years to be sure of no hassles.
You MUST also make sure that you have Canadian Citizenship BEFORE you leave or you might find yourself unable to come back to Canada.  thousands of people in your position find that their parents never registered them as Canadian Citizens.
We can look after your past returns.
However, there is no possibility of a past US refund.
Goto and read the October 1993 and the October 1995 newsletters and then read the US / Canada Taxation.
Contact numbers are below.
Good luck!  
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