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A pro-forma is a return where one or more items have to be added or changed.
Let's pretend that you are a US citizen or have a US rental but live in Canada.  The US return has to be done first but it is not due unitl June 15th (because of the US automatic extension) and you do not have all the information.
File what you do have - mark it Pro-forma and amend it when you have the final figures.
I have thirty returns that are still waiting for some paper or other from a realtor, a lawyer, or a bank or it has been misplaced.
We will file without it if there will be tax owing to avoid a 5% late filing fee.
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File a PRO-FORMA return.  This means that you have filed on time and have at least one item to add or change.
It is not as sophisticated as the US system where you just file a 4868 form and get an automatic extension until August 15th, but it works.  It avoids penalties although not interest.
However at 7 percent interest, if you owed $5,000, and were a month late, the interest penalty would only be $30.00 or so, not enough to get excited about.
So my apologies to anyone I file a PRO-FORMA return for.
However, better to get a return in on time and get it right later on then to rush them out with out enough attention.
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