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Subject: Information re filing of back U.S. returns
Mr. Ingram, 
I am a U.S. citizen living in Toronto (soon to be relocating to Vancouver).  My status in Canada is permanent resident.  My husband is Canadian and we have three dependent children who are dual citizens (Can/US).
The last U.S. tax return I filed was in or about 1990 and I wish to bring my U.S. filings up to date.  I have received no adverse communications from the IRS.  It is only within the past two years or so that my Canadian income has met or exceeded U.S.$72,000.  I have copies of all the Canadian tax returns I filed during this time period.
Please advise as to the materials you require in order to accomplish this, and an estimate of your fees for service.
Best regards,
david ingram replies:
I would be glad to look after your returns.  
I would like a copy of the last return filed if you have it.
I need the actual day that you came to Canada.
I need your husband's name and his SSN or ITIN if he has one.
I need the dates of birth of your two children and their SSN's if they have them.
If not, we can apply for them with the tax returns by filling out forms SS-5 for your two children and a W-7 for your husband.
The exempt amount at this time is $80,000 US$ and has been for the past two years.
After that, you will still be tax free for the next $25,000 US.
If you have a mortgage, I need the mortgage interest paid for any year you exceeded the $70,000 to $80,000 limit.  I need the amount of property taxes you paid as well.
If you had charitable deductions I need those.  If they were made on your husband's return, we can use them on yours.
I need a list of all bank accounts, Credit Union Accounts, RRSP accounts, Stock accounts and any corporate or company accounts you have signing authority over.  That would even apply to a Girl Guide or religious organization or union or other account you can sign on but do not own. (for the purposes of form TD F-90.22)
I need the Dec 31st year end statements for 2001, 2002 and 2003 for any RRSP accounts you own whether they are your own or a spousal plan.
The fee would range from $125 per year if there is no self-employment or rental income or capital sales to $350 a year if there are a lot of bank accounts, self-employments or / and rental income and multiple RRSP accounts.
I also need copies of your Canadian returns.
Please note that I usually only recommend that 6 years be caught up.  I have had three extra years asked for when we only do 3 but never any more asked for when we do 6.  If they catch you, they will ask for all missing returns back to the last return filed.
I do not require any fees in advance and do not require that it all be paid at once if money is tight.
If you go to and read the US / Canada Taxation section, it will help you recognize what forms are necessary.
The Oct 95 newsletter at will also be of interest to you.
Thanks for writing.
david ingram
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