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I rarely send other's information to this group.  However, I have been a =
fan of Donald Cameron for several years now.  If you are thinking of =
coming to Canada as an immigrant or trying to get your parents into =
Canada, take a look at these waiting periods.
However, if you are a skilled professional and qualify under NAFTA, you =
can be working in Canada in a couple of days.  (see my list at end of =
Donald Cameron;s newsletter.
- Immigration and the Federal Election
- Reduction in Sponsored Parent Quota
- Too Many Skilled Worker Applications
In the election campaign which we are at present enduring I have heard =
representatives of both the Liberal and Conservative parties say that =
they would reduce the processing times for permanent residence =
applications.  The Liberals are even repeating the tired old promise =
(which they have been using since the 1993 election campaign) to =
increase annual immigration to 1 per cent of Canada's population - which =
would be about 300,000 a year.  The fact is that, although the Liberals =
under Jean Chretien were elected in 1993 and twice since then, they did =
NOT honour their promise to increase immigration.
The historical facts contradict the popular myth that the Liberals are =
the pro-immigration party.  The immigration policies of the Trudeau =
Liberal government were restrictive and resulted in annual immigration =
levels in 1983 of 89,188, in 1984 (the year in which the Trudeau =
Liberals were replaced by the Mulroney Conservatives) of 88,271 and in =
1985 of 84,334. =20
The Mulroney Conservative government announced a policy of accepting =
250,000 immigrants a year and increased the amount of money allocated to =
the immigration department so that in 1992 the number of immigrants =
arriving in Canada was 254,817 and in 1993 (the year in which the =
Mulroney Conservatives were replaced by the Chretien Liberals) the =
number arriving was 256,741.  Despite their promise to increase annual =
immigration to about 300,000 the Chretien Liberals immediately took =
steps to reduce immigration levels and in 1998 the number of immigrants =
arriving had fallen to a low of 174,159.  Since then the number of =
annual arrivals has risen but it has not reached the levels of the =
Mulroney Conservatives much less the promised 1% of the population.
Neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have addressed the fact that =
reducing the processing times of permanent residence applications will =
increase the number of immigrants arriving in Canada.  If all =
applications were processed in a few months the number of immigrants =
arriving in Canada each year would exceed 300,000.  Since neither party =
supports such high levels of immigration it looks like reducing =
processing times is yet another election promise to be broken later.
The effectiveness of the measures taken by Citizenship & Immigration =
Canada (CIC) to reduce the number of sponsored parents (and =
grandparents) admitted to Canada as Permanent Residents may be judged =
from the following information concerning the number of these persons =
granted Permanent Residence:=20
JAN - SEP 2003 - 15,756
JAN - SEP 2002 - 18,519
2002 - 22,502
2001 - 21,300
2000 - 17,759
What the above figures show is that, until CIC took steps to limit the =
number of sponsored parent applications being processed, the number of =
parents and grandparents sponsored as members of the Family Class for =
permanent residence in Canada was growing.  However, the number admitted =
to Canada in the first 9 months of 2003 was 15% less than in 2002. =20
The 2004 immigration "level" (CIC's name for the quota) for sponsored =
parents and grandparents is 10,500 to 13,500 - so there will be further =
large reductions in the number of permanent residence applications from =
sponsored parents that will be processed each year until the quota is =
not exceeded.  This, of course, means that there will be large increases =
in the processing time for sponsored parent applications for permanent =
CIC has not made it more difficult for Canadians to qualify to sponsor =
their parents nor has it made it more difficult for sponsored parents to =
qualify to receive permanent resident visas.  Instead it has reduced the =
amount of time and money it devotes to processing this type of =
application.  Early last year it took 6 weeks for the CIC Case =
Processing Centre in Mississauga, Ontario (which processes ALL =
applications to sponsor members of the Family Class) to approve an =
application from a Canadian to sponsor his or her parents.  Now this =
same procedure takes one year!
After the Mississauga office approves the sponsorship application the =
parents submit their application for permanent resident visas to a Visa =
Office outside of Canada - where the processing times are also =
lengthening.  Almost half of all Family Class immigrants come from just =
5 countries - India, China, USA, Pakistan and Philippines.  In 2003 the =
processing time for sponsored parent and grandparent applications at the =
Visa Offices responsible for these countries was as follows:
New Delhi - 28 months
Beijing - 21 months
Buffalo - 18 months
Islamabad - 25 months
Manila - 26 months
Taking into consideration the fact it now takes one year to obtain =
approval of an application to sponsor a parent or grandparent (and that =
this processing time continues to increase), sponsors can expect a delay =
of at least 3 years (and growing) in bring their parents to Canada for =
permanent residence.
The number of persons whose applications for Permanent Resident Visas in =
the Skilled Worker Class were waiting to be processed at all Canadian =
Visa Offices on 31 December 2003 was 466,318.
The number of Skilled Worker Class immigrants Canada will admit in 2004 =
(which, remember, CIC calls a "level" and not a quota) is 119,500 to =
In other words, it will take 3 1/2 to 4 years to process all of these =
persons who had applied for permanent residence by the end of 2003.
Immigration policy-makers in Ottawa have not yet solved the problem of =
how to deliver a fixed number of immigrants to Canada each year (220,000 =
to 245,000 for 2004) without building large backlogs of applications =
which take years to process.  "Backlog" is another word CIC does not =
like.  A former immigration Minister insisted they were merely waiting =
lists.  However, if your application is in a backlog or a in waiting =
list the result is the same - your life is on hold for several years.
My professional history is as follows:=20
"On graduation from the University of New Brunswick in 1967 Donald =
was employed by the Government of Canada as a Foreign Service Officer =
served as a Visa Officer from 1968 to 1972 at the Canadian Consulate in=20
Glasgow and the Canadian High Commissions in London and New Delhi.  In =
he was assigned to the Asia and Pacific Division at the Foreign Service =
headquarters of the immigration department in Ottawa and in October 1973 =
was part of the delegation of Prime Minister Trudeau during his visit to =
China.  Mr. Cameron was responsible for the Family Reunification Program =
with China which was successfully concluded by Mr. Trudeau and Premier=20
Chou En-lai.  From 1973 until 1976 he was assigned to the Canadian =
in Beijing (although resident at the Commission for Canada in Hong Kong) =
in order to implement the Family Reunification Understanding. =20
>From 1976 to 1979 he was again assigned to the immigration  Foreign =
Service headquarters Asia and Pacific Division in Ottawa and in 1979 he =
became the Deputy Immigration Program Manager of the Canadian High =
Commission in=20
Singapore to implement the Indochinese Refugee Program in Singapore,=20
Malaysia and Indonesia.  He next became Counsellor and Immigration =
Program Manager of the Canadian Embassy in Tel Aviv and then of the =
Canadian High Commission in Nairobi and of the Canadian Embassy in =
Mexico City.  >From 1989=20
to 1992 he was the Deputy Director of the Asia and Pacific Programs =
at what is now the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa where he was =
the third time responsible for the delivery of the immigration program =
throughout Asia. =20
In 1992 Mr. Cameron was appointed Consul and Immigration Program Manager =
the Canadian Consulate General in Seattle and in 1996, along with many=20
thousands of his colleagues, he accepted an offer of early retirement =
the Public Service.  He is a frequent radio, television and newspaper =
commentator on immigration matters and has appeared on the Rafe Mair =
and the Bill Good Show on radio station CKNW in Vancouver.  He has been =
guest on David Ingram's television program on the Shaw community channel =
and has appeared on Fairchild TV and Talentvision.  He has also been=20
interviewed on "The National" on CBC television and on Canada AM.  In=20
addition, Mr. Cameron has been asked by the Continuing Legal Education=20
Society of British Columbia and the Canadian Bar Association to make =
presentations on=20
immigration matters to lawyers at several continuing legal education =
seminars. =20
He is now an aficionado of retired racing greyhounds."
Donald Cameron=20
708 North Tower, Oakridge Centre=20
650 West 41st Avenue=20
Vancouver, BC=20
Canada V5Z 2M9=20
Telephone: (604) 261-1234  Ext.113
FAX: (604) 303-5844=20
E-mail: [email protected]
NAFTA Rules by david ingram
NAFTA Professional - (North America Free Trade Agreement) PROFESSIONAL =
A professional is defined as a person with a minimum of a bachelor's =
degree, who applies for a position, which requires a degree as its =
minimum entry-level requirement unless otherwise specified.
This is the one we heard about in the news. To meet this classification =
which is unique to Citizens of Canada, the USA and Mexico, you must have =
a bone fide job offer and all licenses and degrees in place for your =
    * An applicant for admission must establish Canadian US or Mexican =
    * The applicant must be entering the United States, Canada or Mexico =
to engage in a profession or occupation at a professional level under =
    * The applicant must be in possession of an offer or contract of =
employment from a United States, Canadian or Mexican employer stating:
        1)     The professional activity to be engaged in
        2)     Purpose of entry=20
        3)     Remuneration
        4)     That the position is temporary in nature and will not =
exceed one  year  (although it can be renewed)
* The applicant must provide documentation of his or her educational =
degree or professional qualifications
* The applicant must meet all licensing requirements
* Employment need not be full-time=20
* Permanent residence abroad is not a prerequisite
* Maximum period of admission under NAFTA is one year
* Dependants accompanying the principal  will be admitted for the same =
amount of time as the principal=20
* NAFTA applicants are not permitted to enter as a professional to =
participate in any way to circumvent a strike
The following is a partial list of some who qualify under a NAFTA Visa. =
Please note that extensive experience can equal a degree in many cases. =
All need a Bachelor or Baccalaureate degree unless otherwise noted. In =
some cases, 3 or 4  years of practical work in a discipline can count =
for one year of a University degree.  Therefore if the University BA =
requires 3 years, you need 9 or 12 years of work experience to qualify.  =
Back to Top
* Accountants - RIA or SIA or CPA or CGA or CMA or CA
** Actuaries (this is one of two classifications added since 1989)
* Agriculturalists
* Agronomists
* Animal Breeders
* Animal Scientists
* Apiculturist
* Architects - BA or state / provincial license
* Astronomers
* Biochemists
* Biologists
* Botanists
* Chemists
* Computer Systems Analyst - BA or Post-secondary Diploma or =
Post-secondary certificate and three years of practical experience. This =
does not get you to the USA, if your job is programming a computer.  An =
Analyst might spend a day a month working on some modifications (in a =
testing mode for instance), but they better not be thought of as a =
"programmer" within the company.
Back to Top
**** Computer Software Engineer *** This is NOT here as an approved =
occupation.  However, Jackie Bednarz (US head of the NAFTA Section 16 =
Working group in Washington stated specifically that if a recognized =
University was to offer the degree, she would consider computer software =
engineers under the ENGINEER classification when a recognized University =
granted the degree.  My understanding is that SFU and McGill are now =
granting such degrees and that the Professional Engineers of British =
Columbia have recognized graduates as members of their professional =
society.  Note that TC and TN's were being granted for this category on =
a sporadic basis until the INS realized that no such "official" degree =
Jackie Bednarz also pointed out (She was part of the original =
negotiating team when the original FTA (Free Trade Agreement) was being =
negotiated in 1985, 86, 87 and 88, there was no such thing as the =
INTERNET, "web masters" and "web sites". When negotiating the job =
titles, no thought was given to the computer revolution, other than the =
computer system analyst designation, which at the time meant a main =
frame analyst for a $1,000,000 computer.
(Thanks to Stuart Lynne and Richard Pitt) (, the CEN-TA =
Group was an official member of the internet as far back as 1986 and =
thanks to Bill Gates himself (he told me to use Microsoft Xenix as my =
operating system) and Radio Shack Model 16 computers, CEN-TA was using =
"email" between offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver as early as =
As another aside, Stuart Lynne and Richard Pitt went on to found WIMSEY, =
the FIRST ISP in CANADA. Bill Gates became quite famous as well. =20
Back to Top
* Dairy Scientists=20
* Dentists - DDS, DMD, or state / provincial license
* Dental Technicians
* Dietitian
* Disaster Relief Insurance Claim Specialists - (claims adjuster =
employed by an insurance company located in the territory of a party or =
an independent claims adjuster) - BA and successful completion of =
training in the appropriate areas of insurance adjustment pertaining to =
disaster relief claims; or, three years experience in claims adjustment =
and successful completion of training in the appropriate areas of =
insurance adjustment pertaining to disaster relief claims
* Doctors - (see physician further on)
* Economists
* Engineers - BA or state / provincial licensing
* Entomologists=20
* Epidemiologists
* Forester - BA or state / provincial licensing
* Geneticists=20
* Geochemist =20
* Geologist =20
* Geophysicists  (including Oceanographer in the United States)  =20
* Graphic Designer - BA or post-secondary diploma and three years    =
* Hotel Managers - BA in hotel / restaurant management; or,       =
post-secondary diploma or post-secondary certificate in hotel / =
restaurant management and three years experience in hotel / restaurant =
* Horticulturist
* Industrial Designer - BA or post-secondary diploma or post-secondary =
certificate and three years experience
* Interior Designer - BA or post-secondary diploma or post-secondary =
certificate and three years experience
* Journalist BA plus three years experience - (This category is no =
longer valid and has been left in to explain the circumstances. As I =
understand it, journalists in general took it as an insult that they had =
to have a BA degree, because, "most, if not all," of the best known =
journalists do not have a BA degree.)
* Land Surveyor - BA or state / provincial licenses
* Landscape Architect
* Lawyer (including notary in the Province of Quebec) - LLB, JD, LLL, =
BCL degree (five years); or membership in a state or provincial bar
* Librarians - MLS or BLS (for which another BA was a prerequisite)
Back to Top
* Management Consultants - BA; or equivalent professional experience as =
established by statement or professional credential attesting to five =
years experience as a management consultant, or five years experience in =
a field of specialty relating to the consulting agreement.  I must make =
it clear here.  A Management Consultant is NOT a manager.  The surest =
way to lose your management consultant renewal is to show up at the =
border with a business card with the title General Manager, Western =
Region, or Human Resources Manager, or, or, or.  A management consultant =
could consult with the actual sales manager about sales techniques or =
about selling into Canada.  A management consultant could be advising =
the actual human resources manager in hiring techniques or even =
suggesting that one candidate is a better fit than another one.  A =
management consultant can do market research, gather and assemble data =
and write a report to give to the manager. This is likely the hardest TN =
visa to get but is also a very important one when it comes to serving =
the needs of the US company.
Note that the management consultant does NOT need a degree, just five =
years experience.  This is the perfect job description for the person =
with 23 years of job experience who has never gone through the formal =
process of getting a university degree in the discipline.
* Mathematician (including statistician)
* Medical Laboratory Technologist (Canada) / Medical Technologist (U.S.) =
- BA; or post-secondary diploma or post-secondary certificate and three =
years experience
* Meteorologist
* Nutritionist
* Occupational Therapist - BA; or state / provincial license
* Organic Chemist  =20
* Pharmacologist (Pharmacist) - BA; or state / provincial license
* Physician - (teaching or research only), MD or state /provincial =
license. To work as MD, a doctor must pass his MLE (medical licensing =
exam), which has three, parts written over a year.  After passing, he or =
she would enter the U.S. under an H-1A.
* Physicist (including oceanographer in Canada)
* Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist - BA; or state     /provincial =
* Plant Breeder
** Plant Pathologists (This is one of two professions added since 1989)  =
* Poultry Scientist
* Professional (most recognized professions)
* Psychologists - state / provincial license
* Range Conservationist
* Recreational Therapist
* Registered Nurse - state / provincial license
* Research Assistant (working in  post-secondary educational =
Back to Top
- * Scientific Technician - Possession of: (a) theoretical knowledge of =
any of the disciplines: agricultural sciences, astronomy, biology, =
chemistry, engineering, forestry, geology, geophysics, meteorology, or =
physics; and (b) the ability to solve practical problems in any of those =
disciplines, or the ability to apply principles of any of those =
disciplines to basic or applied research.
* Social Worker
* Soil Scientist
* Sylviculturist
* Teacher (College, Seminary, or University) (Post Secondary level only) =
* Technical Publication Writer - BA, or post-secondary diploma or =
post-secondary certificate, and three years experience
* Urban Planner (including geographer)
* Veterinarian
* Vocational Counselor
* Zoologist
=3D=3DAnswers to this and other similar  questions can be obtained free =
on Air every Sunday morning.
Every Sunday at 9:00 AM on 600AM in Vancouver, Fred Snyder of Cartier =
Partners and I will be hosting an INFOMERCIAL but LIVE talk show called =
Those outside of the Lower Mainland will be able to listen on the =
internet at
Local phone calls to (604) 280-0600 - Long distance calls to =
Old shows are archived at the site.
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with state tax returns, etc.
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wizard - David Ingram's CEN-TA Group
108 the Gallery=20
100 Park Royal South
West Vancouver, BC, CANADA
V7T 1A2
BUSINESS(604) 980-0321
 My personal cell number is (604) 657-8451
MY RESIDENCE IS (604) 980-3578=20
You are welcome to call my cell seven days a week from 10 AM to 10 PM  - =
To stop getting 25 phone calls at 9 AM on Monday Morning, I would rather =
that you phoned at 2 PM on sunday or 7 PM on Saturday than save the call =
up for Monday morning.
Always try my cell first since I call forward it to my house or office.  =
There is no message service on any of the numbers.  If you do not get =
me, try again in two hours.  I was likely either in a movie (every =
Tuesday night with my kids) or in a self-defence class (every Thursday =
night with my kids).=20
Hope this helps
david ingram
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