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I am sorry that I have not answered your question as there are just too many.  I have over 200 here and can not possibly get at them all.
I have actually answered over 100 this past week but have plain run out of time 
However, your name has been added to our email list because of your enquiry. 
We may not answer your specific question but 
another similar question "will be answered" as we answer others as they come in. 
Even if it was not tax time, I could not begin to answer the number arriving. I have had to limit myself to answering clients' questions only for the time being.   Sorry.  If you wish to resubmit, you are welcome.  Please wait until June 20 or so however.
More information can be obtained at
david Ingram of the CEN-TA REALTY  Group
US / Canada / Mexico tax and working Visa Specialists
US / Canada Real Estate Specialists
4466 Prospect Road
North Vancouver, BC, CANADA, V7N 3L7
(604) 980-0321 - Fax 913-9123 [email protected]
Res (604)  980-3578
calls taken seven days a week from 10 AM to 10 PM Vancouver (Los angeles) time.
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