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Hi David,
I am wondering if you can recall what you might have been discussing on 
your radio program with Fred Snyder. Someone over heard you discussing some 
kind of form that can be submitted on RSP accounts for a tax refund of some 
sort? The person who heard it can't recall when but thought you were saying 
something about forms that very few people are aware of.
Does this ring any bells?
Thanks for your help XXXXXXXX 604-913-XXXX
david ingram replies:
I believe you are referring to form T1213.  This form can be used for reduced withholding taxes at source for individuals who are paying monthly alimony or monthly payments to an RRSP or other recognized tax shelter.
A person who was paying off an investment loan and had significant interest expense would also qualify.  The form does not give you a larger refund of tax.  What it does is even out the taxpayer's cash flow.
I see you are a financial consultant.  Get hold of the "TWO INCOME TRAP" by Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyaji.  Every working mother and every financial consultant in North America should read it.
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