Voting overseas - absentee ballot for 2004 president

I am a US citizen living in Canada.  How do I vote in the upcoming US federal election?
david ingram replies:
There are several different sites that you can go to:
The best is One More Vote  at a Time. Goto
For Democrat voters, you can go to
This is a Democrat site which promises to help you register to vote. Since they do not control how you vote, even a Republican can use their services.
This reminds me of the Canadian Federal Election in  the summer of 1974 when I was a very active conservative.  I had a 1957 9 passenger Cadillac Limousine and had volunteered to drive people to the polls.  
A Catholic organization in Vancouver had me driving their nuns to the poll two at a time for hours.  When the votes came in, that particular poll had virtually no conservative votes. They had all voted liberal but kept the conservative limousine busy for the day.
Republicans in Toronto had a meeting about voting abroad in Toronto in May but are not working as hard as the Democrats are to get the vote out even though it was the absentee vote that got George W Bush elected in Florida by some 2,400 votes.
You can find their site at
You can find the whole law for US citizens abroad voting rights at:
Individual states can be found at:  
Does Your Vote Count?
You will remember that they were waiting to count the overseas votes in Florida in the 2000 election.  2400 Overseas ballots swung the vote to Bush as the following item shows
Florida Sees Spike in Absentee Ballot Requests
The number of absentee ballots requested by Florida voters living overseas is on pace to far exceed the number received in 2000, the Orlando Sentinel reports. More than 35,000 absentee ballots have already been requested - 60 per cent of the 2000 total - with the peak July-September season for ballot requests yet to come. At least 9,500 of the ballots were requested by US civilians and military personnel living abroad. Just over 2,400 late-arriving ballots mailed from abroad swung the Florida election in favor of George Bush in 2000. With Florida polls showing Bush locked in a dead heat with Democratic challenger John Kerry, the overseas vote could once again prove decisive.
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