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My question is: Canadian-specific
QUESTION: I live in Vancouver and am considering purchasing a fourplex in Edmonton. I am considering setting up a company incorporated in Alberta to own/manage the property.  From a tax perspective is it better to do it that way or just own it personally. I will likely keep it for at least 15 years and use the rental proceeds to provide income when I retire (I am 48 and will likely retire when I am 55 to 58).
david ingram replies:
In my opinion, you should not incorporate.  Protect yourself from liability with a good insurance policy.  The incorporation will just complicate your life immeasurably and usually only makes money for the accountant and lawyer who incorporate you. There will be little or not escape from any personal liability.  Hydro will want a personal guarantee.  You are the director so if something goes wrong, you will be sued just as if you are the driver of a car owned by an incorporated comapny (i.e the director "drives" the company).
A holding company for rental real estate does NOT lower your income tax in the long run if your desire is to spend the profits for living.
You are close and might want to have a personal consultation.
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