Grants and Scholarships for Canadian in US with H1-B -

Hi David,
This is my second try with this question.  I'm a
cross-border tax client of yours since 2002.  Or
Gail's.  I'm not sure any more.
Anyway, I'm in the U.S. on an H1-B working full-time
and am also a Ph.D. student.   I am wondering, if it
happened to be possible, that if I were able to get a
grant or scholarship for my dissertation research,
whether that would be considered income from a source
other than my employer and therefore be illegal.  I
don't have an issue with paying taxes on it if that's
what's required, but would it affect my visa status and
permanent residence petition (or whatever it's called)
that is in process for the next approx. 18 months yet?
Or would that depend on how the grant is used, i.e. if
it is used to purchased standardized tests, pay for
statistical analyses, etc., pay participants if need
be, as opposed to taking a leave of absence from work
to complete a phase of the research or write-up.
What do you think?  Your opinion is greatly valued
Best wishes,
P.S. Feel free to post this to your newsletter list if
you think it has value.
david ingram replies:
Gail no longer with me and has left the tax preparation
You deserve any grant or scholarship you can get. Go
for it!
It will not affect your H1B
I am 300 questions behind.  Next time put "paying
client" in the subject and I will likely pay more
attention.  In fact I erased about 300 questions last
week and sent out a notice all the questioners I had
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