Part II of OAS / CPP for US Resident - Ask a

The following is a personal endorsement for my statement about the legality
of having British, Canadian and American Citizenship at the same time.
Thanks Frank, david
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Subject: Re:  OAS / CPP for US Resident -
The order is OK. Assuming that J's wife was British by birth, and was a
Canadian citizen on or after Feb 15, 1977, she can become a US citizen
without losing British or Canadian citizenship. I was British by birth,
became a Canadian citizen in 1980 and a US citizen in the mid 90s. The
person at the INS who interviewed me for US citizenship told me I would
lose my British citizenship by becoming a US citizen. I ignored the
statement as I knew it was wrong. The INS (now USCIS) cannot be
expected to have reliable information about another country's rules
regarding that country's citizenships.
On 14 Jan 2005, at 00:25, centapede at wrote:
> Hello David,
> ....I should also mention that we have Green Cards. She cannot become
> a US citizen because she already has dual citizenship in Canada and
> England and the US would require her to relinquish one of those
> passports in order to become a US citizen.
> Thanks David,
> ==================================
> david ingram replies:
> I have a dozen clients with US / Canadian and British Citizenships at
> the same time.  There is nothing I know of that stops you from
> becoming US citizen unless they have changed the law.  That has been
> true in Canada since 1977 and the US since 1980. One of my own
> associates for three years was a BRITISH, US and Canadian citizen but
> he did it in that order and that might be the secret. 
> ....


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