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I am an American citizen and want to buy rental property in Canada.  All
three of my banks/credit unions in the US will not provide me with a
mortgage.  Several banks I have contacted in Canada require citizenship.
Any suggestions on a bank that can provide me with a mortgage, I have good
credit.   Thanks,
david ingram replies:
What a simple question to answer.
I have over 100 Americans with Canadian rental properties as clients and
they all have Canadian Mortgages.
Try Glen Kelleway at (604) 476-0053 or  glen at  He has
just issued a mortgage on a Whistler rental condo  for one of my California
clients. If you are not looking in BC, you can ask him for a referral to
another province.
When you buy it, remember there are a whole lot of tax regs to deal with and
I would be glad to assist you. We will prepare the Canadian rental return
and your US and state return as well with the proper foreign tax credits and
the depreciation calculated properly for the two countries.
 The following old question will give you an idea of what you have to do:
 This question came from Ozzie Jurock's real estate website at an excellent source of real estate information.  For those
wanting Canadian Mutual Fund advice, they should look at Fred Snyder's site.
My question is: Applicable to both US and Canada
QUESTION: My wife and I are American citizens who have recently
bought rental property in BC. We are planning to
immigrate to Canada in the next few years. After our
purchase we wanted to have a Canadian accountant help
us with NR6's and any other tax involvements down the
line. The accountant we worked with charges us $750 for
an initial consultation and filing an NR6 for each of us.
This seemed rather pricey for the minimal work involved
and the fact that we needed to also find our own
guarantor. I would like your opinion about going rates for
this work and perhaps some idea of your fees were we to
work with you in the future.
Thanks for you very helpful
Q&A column.
david ingram replies:
My typical charge for the same service would be $700 plus $49.00 GST which
would put you in the same price range.
The NR-6 is available at:
Depending upon the property and for a further fee, we will also act as the
tax agent and have associated rental agent services as well.
I prefer to say that I charge you for the time and advice and throw in the
form. I generally charge $350.00 an hour for US / Canadian tax and
Immigration consulting (both directions).
Although, the form is a minimal one, the advice and implementation is
important and there are few of us doing it so it is a supply and demand
When it comes to the final returns, we will prepare the Canadian Returns AND
US and state at the same time or the Canadian Returns and a dummy US return
so that your US accountant can just plug in the figures and not spend hours
figuring out where and how to put them in to his or her system.
If you go to and read the "US/Canada Tax" Section in the
second box down on the right hand side, it will give you an  idea of the
differences between the two countries.
If you go to the Tax Guide section, you will find a chapter on renting in
And if you are serious about immigrating to Canada, be advised that
processing times have increased dramatically in the last year.
The following was my answer a short time ago to someone immigrating from
Great Britain.
david ingram replies:
You will first have to decide if you qualify to immigrate to Canada.  You
could come as an immigrant (easier under 50) or you could come as a business
investor but I do not think that a bed and breakfast would qualify but
someone will comment from the list this goes to (with your identification
To start with, you should go to and read the Canadian
Government's site on immigrating to Canada
Make sure that you fill in the self-assessing questionnaire at If you get 67 points
on this self-assessment, , you will qualify if nothing else rears its head.
The mark was 75 just a couple of months ago.  If you get the 67, let me know
and we can continue on from there.
As a new immigrant, you can set up an offshore trust to protect your assets
from Canadian tax for five years.  If you do this, you are only taxable on
amounts earned in the trust that you take out to live on.  This does not
make sense to me though because if you are going to buy a house for a B & B
a wife and two almost adult kids, it will take most of your money to buy one
and you should pay cash for the best tax break. If you need money after for
investment, borrow against the house and the mortgage interest will be
deductible.  Goto and read the Nov 2001 newsletter for more
information on this.
Your house in Great Britain is taxable in Canada also but any increase in
value will not be taxable if you leave Canada within ten years..
You should also go to and read the US/Canada taxation section.
Although it might seem that it does not apply to you, 95% does and Article
IV of the US/CANADA Income Tax Treaty is almost word for word with the
UK/CANADA Income Tax Treaty. The only exception is that you do not have to
file a US income Tax return but will continue to file an A4 GB return to
report your rental in GB.
I am available for phone consultations by the way.  The fee would be $350.00
Cdn for an hour or part.  I do not, as a rule, usually charge for a quick
follow up to that question you did not understand and if you want a 1/2 hour
now and 1/2 an hour later, I am amenable to that as well. It will give you
time to ponder in between. However, I charge for the full hour at the first
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