Traveling to Cuba with a TN

I received a dozen emails telling me about "no"problems about
travelling to Cuba and another dozen with more horror stories.
However, NO ONE lost their visa who wrote.
Enough, however,  that I think it is not a wise thing to do. And No
one had a story about a second trip.
Remember that the Airlines passenger rosters are being compared
everywhere now.  If someone is flagged, they are likely being tracked
on entering the US.
And, I had forgotten that the passports were not being stamped -  I
was told that by a Dual US / Canadian citizen five years ago.  She
used to go to Cuba before 9/11 and has not been back since.
The following is from a very talented US / Canadian Tax consultant.
I too had a TN visa and had no problem traveling.  I was in Cuba over
the summer as long as the person leaves from Canada and enters Cuba
and returns back, there should be no problem at all.  In fact the
Cuban authorities do not stamp the passport at all so there is no
proof that the person ever entered the country.  Just remember one is
not allowed to use US traveler’s cheques or US based credits in Cuba.
All of the information is on the Canadian govt. website.
If you pass this information along please do not release my name.
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