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MessageGood morning,
I recently posted a question to your website but since ours is a
somewhat time
sensitive matter, I am interested in a consultation with your
firm regarding our
immigration/tax situation.
My husband is an American citizen and I am Canadian; we currently
live in the US.
We lived in Canada for 16 months after my husband obtained
permanent resident
status there then, for availability of work, moved to the US
after I obtained a US green card.
My question is regarding his Canadian PR status which will expire
in November.
We recently learned that his status could still be intact due to
the fact that he was
outside the country with a Canadian citizen, contributing to his
residency requirement.
We would like to return to Canada but are concerned about the tax
if he renews his resident status there. When we left Canada, we
cut ties to the
country for tax reasons (sold property, cancelled accounts, paid
departure tax etc.).
We did not, however, notify immigration officials that we were
leaving Canada.
But, if we renew his PR status, which would imply that he never
ceased to be a
Canadian resident, would we then be liable for Canadian taxes for
the three years
that we lived in the US?
In a nutshell:
1. Will renewing PR status make us liable for Canadian
2. Is there a way to renew his PR status and obtain the new PR
card from outside of Canada?
(Ideally we would like to move back next spring rather than
before this November when his status
3. If we let his PR status expire, what is the process for him to
re-immigrate to Canada?
4. We have an incorporated business (LLC) in the US which we both
work for. We would likely incorporate
 in Canada   if we moved back and remain self-employed.  If he
has to re-immigrate, will I still be able to sponsor
him if we move back to Canada even though I have been living and
working in the US for the past 3 years?
5. Or, what are the tax responsibilities if we continue to work
for our company which is incorporated
in the US while living in Canada?
Please let me know if this is something which you can advise us
on and what your consultation fee
would be.
david ingram replies:
For free, unless you have a pressing problem (like medical) that
requires you to return to Canada, my recommendation is that you
apply for and take out US citizenship BEFORE you return to
Canada.   If you are selling into or doing business in the US,
you will need it to keep on working for your LLC in the US.
My files are full of people who gave up their green card to come
to the "more peaceful" Canada and then found it almost impossible
to return to the USA.
Your husband's PR card should be valid because he is out of the
country with a Canadian.
My charge for a consultation by phone is $375.00 Cdn per hour.
90% of phone consultation calls are concluded for that price.
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