NR 4 NR6 1040 1116 4562 Schedule E 216(4) 776 US

We r canadian citizens and moved to the US due to my husband's work.He's on
a workpermit(H-1B)and we've filed our income tax here in the US.however we
still own property in BC and iam filing returns for the rental income
received from that property.
My accountant says that i have to show my US income tax details just for the
record and i would not be taxed on my US income in Canada once again,as i've
paid my taxes in the US.Is this true..
I need ur help..
david ingram replies:
A non-resident of Canada with a rental property files a one-page return
under Section 216(4).
There is no place to put the US earned income on the return.
You should likely change accountants rather than being the only one he or
she does.
We /d be glad to look after them for you.  Section 216(4) returns are due by
June 30th so you have to move quicker, rather than slower.
You should have a Canadian resident Tax Agent and have filed form NR-6
before you rented it and the agent should have filed NR-4 forms for you by
March 31st.
The "five" deadlines are:
1.	NR-6 by Dec 31st of the year for the next year.  In other words you have
to file the NR-6 (for each of you) by December 31st for the 2006 year.
2.	NR-4 by March 31st 2006 for the 2005 year.
3.	US 1040 and state return by April 15th
4.	Canadian Section 216(4)return with form T776 by June 30th.
5	The US 1040 by Aug 15th after filing automatic extension.
Because your US 1040 was due on April 15th, it is common to file a US form
4868 to delay the filing of the US return so that you can have the Canadian
information to repeat on schedules E and 4562 and Form 1116 of the US 1040.
It is much easier in the long run to have the same person do both the
Canadian and the US returns at the same time.  That is something that we do
on a regular basis (over 200 Cdn rentals - US residents this year alone).
Typically, we would charge $750 to $1,500 for a US / Canadian and State


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