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Away from Aug 17 to Sept 3rd, 2005
Jane, my daughter has politely reminded me that we have not taken a vacation for some 34 months.  In fact, I have only been away for two days and one night to Seattle in 2003 and 4 days and three nights to Kelowna and Kamloops which was half business in 2004.
I have to study for and write a UBC immigration exam on Tuesday Aug 16th and intend to leave the next day for two weeks. 
Then I will be putting the kids in school and taking a couple of days to get re-organized until about Sept 8th when I write my last exam.
This is to any senders of email messages that I will not likely be responding to any email messages I receive between Aug 14th and Sept 9th or so.  I get about 300 a day (most junk mail) and it is impossible to reply to many, if any.  Any questions will likely be ignored.  If you want to retry again after Sept 8th, it is more likely to be answered.
I am NOT taking a laptop, and am NOT leaving any messages machines on.  Most of the time, I will be available on my cell phone (604) 657-8451 but as I will be in the Rockies and Dinosaur Provincial Park  for some of the time, there will be whole days when it will not work.  Not likely two days at a time though.
I was going to have David Holroyd fill in for me this two weeks but he is too busy in Mexico so this will be the first time that we will not have a cross-border tax person available to talk to you on a daily basis.
Peter Ingram, my son and the reception person for the last four years during tax season will be manning the phones at the home office Monday to Friday from Noon to 2 PM and can take a message if something is "really" important.  However, Peter does NOT know income tax. Please do not ask tax questions or ask him to do anything but take a message.
Remember that 30 day letters do NOT have to be answered by me in 30 days. If you get a letter requiring an answer in 30 days, drop a line to the tax office saying that I am unavailable until Sept 8th and then realize that there may be 15 people ahead of you and I might be a week getting back to that particular letter.
I expect all will be caught up by Sept 21st, so tell the Tax people (US or Canada) that I will respond by Sept 21st.
If there is a Canadian Tax Question, Gloria Ingram at (604) 585-1955 may be able to help you out but she does not deal with non-residents or other cross-border situations.  Please do Not call her if your problem involves "anything" of a cross-border nature.
Hoping that this works out for you, I remain
david ingram


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