Rose Edwards funeral

The following will not mean anything to people who were not
clients of the CEN-TA GROUP in the past.
However, one of our past Realtors passed away suddenly last week
and her funeral is Today - Tuesday Nov 15th at 12 NOON at the
Greek Orthodox Church at about 22nd and Boundary Road in
Rose was a very valuable member of our old Real Estate operation
and her daughters Christine and Karen worked for us as
receptionists,  Indeed, my wife at the time, Jose Rodgers,
tutored Christine and son Colin in math.
Rose will be missed by everyone who knew her and myself in
Many of the people who receive the CEN-TAPEDE dealt with Rose in
the past and i apologize to them for not putting this out sooner.
My sympathies to daughters Suzanne, Christine and Karen and son
Colin and i will see you at the funeral.
Good bye Rose, may you rest in peace
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