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In respect to the question and answer listed bellow. Is it
possible for a Canadian resident to use funds from RRSP account
to invest in secured 1st mortgage? Self-directed RRSP account
allows mortgage investments, so why not advance the funds in a
form of a mortgage?
Your comments would be appreciated.
Thank you,
david ingram replies:
Yes, they could do that but they are now caught up in CMHC rules.
Dad has to pay CMHC fees and charge CMHC rates which are likley
higher than the son could get a traditional mortgage at and lower
than dad would like as a return on his RRSP.
I could make a better argument for dad to just cash in XX
dollars, pay the tax and give the net money to his son for the
down payment or take a 10% or 20% piece of the house as tenants
in common.  His share of the house would be taxable but only one
half.  When his son gets in a better poisition, he can remortgage
and buy dad out or just leave dad there for a while.  If the s9on
happens to end up in a divorce, that part fo the house would not
be a family asset and would stay in the family.
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centapede at wrote:
  My question is: Canadian-specific
  QUESTION: I would like to assist my son buy his first property,
condo, or
  single family home. How is the best way to do this without
  income tax if the money I propose to use for this would need to
come out of
  my RRSP? Can monies loaned to a son or daughter for the purpose
of real
  estate as a principal residence considered immune from tax?
  david ingram replies;
  Any money taken out of an RRSP is taxable at the top of your
tax rate
  "UNLESS" it is taken out to buy your first home or home for a
  relative. If your son is not disabled, you can only withdraw
money that is
  You can read more about a Home Buyer's Plan withdrawal at:
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