Free Questions on Satellite Radio

In about 15 minutes today, Wednesday Dec 21, 2005 i.e 9:50
Vancouver time
This is your chance to talk to me live and ask that question you
have been die-ing to ask in person.
Thanks to Jessie Dylan and the Good Life Show, I will be
available on a fairly regular basis on Sirius Satellite radio
starting Thursday December 8, 2005 at 9 AM Vancouver Time / 12
Noon Manhattan Time which is where the program originates from.
You can listen live on Channel 114 of your Satellite Radio or
listen to the stream on  You have to have the
latest version of Real Player to listen live on the Internet. You
can get the latest version free by going to plus/index.html?src=downloadr
After you are up to date, you can listen to the live program by
clicking on:
If you are in Canada and have a question to ask and want to email
it to me in advance, we will try and use it on the air and if
not, I will make a real effort to answer it by email.
But better would be a phone call if you live in the USA.
Yep, a live free phone call is available from anywhere in The
United States (not Canada yet) at 1-866-LIME-114 or
Now, I do not have to tell you that if you want this service
available in the future, support now would be nice.  Help me show
there Manhattan types that there is a real demand for a Canadian
to be answering US tax questions with particular emphasis on
those Cross-Border or out of country questions.  Thouseand of tax
consultants can answer a child tax credit but not many can deal
with foreign tax credits and earned income exemptions and a
foreign vacation home or foreign bank accounts or that foreign
pension you still have after working in Australia, or Algeria or
Spain or Canada.
David Ingram
taxman at
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