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This speaks for itself and I thank the writer for helping me with
my point.
 Subject: Re: [Income Tax Help - CEN-TAPEDE] Moving to the USA -
Joe Grasmick US Immigration Lawyer - David Ingram specializes in
giving expert income tax and immigration help to American and
Canadian citizens living out of their home countries from
Zimbabwe to Sau
You might be interested in our story. I was in the US with my
fiancee and just drove over the border  to Canada  to tidy up
some paperwork. On driving back the officer found out I was
engaged to a US citizen so would not allow me back into the
States till I got a fiancee visa. That was in the spring last
year  They said it would take about a year. I went to an
Immigration lawyer "expert on Immigration" ( not in Vancouver )
and was advised to forget the visa approach but to get someone to
offer me a job in the USA. I was finally able to do that and
turned up at the airport with my papers for interview. The
interview went fine but at the end they said I would not be
allowed in as there was "dual intent" trying to get a job while I
was also trying to get married. Fortunately we had brought this
up with the expert in our first interview where he told us it
would not be a problem. The outcome was we got half our money
back  as you so rightly say it is NOT cheap !
Fortunately we had already filed for fiance visa ourselves so
followed through being very careful to do everything right. The
net outcome is the visa was granted at the end of September and I
was allowed in on condition we married within 90 days and my
fiancee's name was actually on the Visa as the one I had to marry
We got married last November and applied for permanent residency
which I hope to get within the next one to two months.
At every stage  ( and there are several) we were given a time
estimate and in every case things happened sooner than promised.
We were treated really nicely at every stage  -- contrasting
dramatically with when I attempted to drive down in May.
I am delighted to say we are blissfully happily married and
waiting till I can be gainfully employed again.
I won't use my name in case that expert reads your emails !
IF you pass this on please remove my email address  !
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  > Date: Thursday March 02, 2006
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  > I am a divorced, 30 year old, mother of three. My ex-husband
has custody of
  > our children.
  > I met a man over the internet, who lives in California, and
he flew me down
  > here from Manitoba, Canada, to see if we want a future
together. Turns out,
  > we do! When I went through security in WInnipeg, Manitoba,
Canada, the
  > immigration officer was very negative, and accused me that I
wa planning to
  > stay in California, and not return to Canada. I told him that
I would be
  > returning to Canada to visit my children, and I did not know
where this
  > relationship would go. I guess since I did not have a return
ticket, he was
  > concerned, and gave me a return date of June 1st, 2006
(legally I could be
  > down here for 6 months - I only left on February 14, 2006).
  > My boyfriend and I have decided that we would like to
continue living
  > together in California, with me making trips back to
Manitoba, Canada to
  > visit my children. I would eventually like to become a US
citizen if this
  > relationship leads to marriage, but for now, I'd like to live
here and work
  > at the same time!
  > What is the best route for us to take? I've heard that it
would work well
  > for my boyfriend to sponsor me as his fiance, which we are
both in favor of.
  > I was also wondering, that when I do fly back t Winnipeg,
Manitoba Canada,
  > how long must I be in Canada before I return to California?
  > If you could get back to me, I'd really appreciate it very
  > Thanks,
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  > david ingram replies:
  > I am surprized that you were allowed into the US under those
  > There is no legal right to be in the US for six months six
weeks, 6 days or
  > 6 hours.
  > Every entry is subject to the time limit given to you by the
  > Security Officer. He was extremely lenient and must have felt
you were a
  > neat person to allow you in for 3 1/2 months.
  > You can NOT live with your new friend without his sponsoring
you as a
  > fiancée and marrying you within 90 days of its issuance. If
you are already
  > in the US and this is your true love, you might find it
easier to get
  > married and be sponsored there. Otherwise, ou have to process
a fiancée's
  > visa through Vancouver or if you get married and are in
Canada you have to
  > be processed physically through Montreal.
  > If you cannot get married right away because one of you is
still married to
  > someone else, you are going to be disappointed because the
next Homeland
  > Security person may not allow you in. To be a visitor to the
US, a Canadian
  > is supposed to have a home in Canada with a hooked up phone,
hydro, heat,
  > etc.
  > If you have a University Degree, it is usually fairly simple
to get a work
  > visa if you can find an employer. Other skills which may have
more value
  > than a University degree are not as easy to get permits for.
Fr instance, if
  > you were a medical technician or a computer system analyst or
a management
  > consultant without a degree, we could have you working and
living in the
  > United States tomorrow with the right job offer.
  gt; You should consult with a competent US immigration
attorney. If you can not
  > find one you are happy with, try Joe Grasmick at I also
  > warn you that good help in this area is NOT cheap.
  > David Ingram's US/Canada Services
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