Medical Inadmissibility to Canada

QUESTION: My wife, a Canadian citizen has sponsposred her husband, who is
suffering from a kidney related problem. The medical problem he has is not
communal, he just received a letter from immigration canada to go through
another medical examination, also same letter indicates that his application
can be refused because his health may pose excessive burden on Canadian
health system? Is there anything we can do in case they refuse his
appication. I heard that recently immigratin canada has removed the clause
of medical inadmissibility due to excessive cost on health care. Is it true?
david ingram replies:
This is not something that I have ever been involved in preferring to deal
with rather simple NAFTA matters dealing with professionals moving between
Mexico, Canada and the USA.
However, Benjamin A Kranc is one of only 28 (out of about 28000 Ontario
lawyers) certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a specialist in
Immigration Law and I know that he has dealt extensively with Medical
You can contact him through if you can not find
your answer elsewhere.
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