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            Can you recommend any CPE, other courses, or books on CA/US taxes?  We are obtaining more clients and will likely need more of your expertise in addition to training for me or other associates.



A US CPA firm getting into US Canada Tax Preparation

david ingram replies;

Except for the occasional IRS teleconference, I do not use any outside courses or materials other than my own reading on the Internet and what my clients send me. 

When something is of interest, I pass it on.

I also specifically do not deal with corporate situations like dividend stripping with clients who own their own significant C corporations.  My specialty is dealing with transferred executives or relatively small self employed proprietorships and the very occasional Subchapter S Corporation.

CCH has some books that deal with cross border issues and I buy them on a regular basis but find that as a rule they never deal with my kind of client.

However, you would likely get a lot out of

CCH's 2005 Canadian Companion to 1040 Preparation and Planning

You can read more about it at: "

There is a new 2008 edition you can buy at

 for about $170.00 delivered to your door. (I just ordered another copy as i wrote this because I loaned mine to someone to look at and they have not brought it back and i do not remember who i loaned it to.  - if the person, gets this, please return it).


Cross-Border Relocation Law
Lorraine Allard, John Boscariol, Alan Diner, James T. Ritzel, Kenneth Weigel, Andrew Wilson, John Yuan

is another good resource and available at

CCH also has 'summits' on a regular  basis like the 2006 one at

You can subscribe to IRS NEWS at
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You then register for the IRS events at

These do qualify for CPE credits.

Good Luck



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