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Hi David:
I am a speaker that occasionally (3-5 times/year) speaks at large events in the U.S.  I sell a training program which is delivered in Canada.
From reading some of your posts it sounds like this is a violation of the U.S. laws, and that I would need a visa or permit to do this legally.
What options do I have in order to get "legal" and what would be the cost and length of time for each?
For example, can I set up a U.S. office of my company and be able to offer the program via my U.S. office, if the U.S. company is paying taxes?
Is there a visa that applies to public speakers?
I do not disclose to the INS officers when entering the U.S. that I am speaking at an event.  I have not had any problems so far, but I do not want to run into a problem in the future, and I'm wondering the best way for me as a speaker to be able to legally go to the U.S. and sell my programs there.
Thank you for your assistance.
david ingram replies:

I need a better definition of this myself. This is the second similar question this week.

However, as i understand it, you may speak at a conference if you are not being paid and not selling anything at that time, do not take money and do not hand over any finished product, book, manual,  which is not clearly marked sample, etc. Handing out a100 take away copies of a 50 page three ring binder marked sample would not be allowed although handing out or having two or three available for people to look at would be.  Of course, you could send a large amount of product to the US and have an American take orders and collect money for you and then be sure to send  you  the proceeds in Canada and not accept it down there.

.If you are being PAID or wish to be paid AS A SPEAKER, MY SUGGESTION IS THAT YOU FIND A SIMILAR US BUSINESS TO HIRE YOU on a full time part time basis and then when you are invited to speak in the US, that person or organization hires the company that has hired you as a speaker and that company pays you.

Entering the US to speak and not disclosing it is a clear violation.  the bad news is that if it was illegal in the past, you can still be arrested, imprisoned, fined, deported and banned for something you did three years ago just as if you had robbed a bank.

If Harvard University wanted to hire you as a guest lecturer, they would have to get a visa for you.

If XYZ company wants to hire you as a lecturer - even for a day - you need a visa. They will have a much harder time than Harvard and likely can not do it within a year.

If, on the other hand you are going to an Annual conference or convention in your field and are making a presentation at that conference without being paid, then you can attend six of those in a year under B-1 status.  Paying your airfare down  as an honorarium is not considered pay in that situation. The general rule as i saw it once in print was that you may attend 6 such conferences in a year to speak.

Setting up your own company as described would not work.  There are no part-time self employed self initiated visas. It would if you were going to move to the US in which case, an E2 visa might suffice.  And to be sure, if you had several employees and were going to open a branch with US employees you could get an L-1 visa to supervise and continue living in Canada but you would need employees.

That would allow you to work in the US and still work in Canada if needed.




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