email down (not working either)

My receiving email taxman at centa,com is down and has been since about noon on Friday.
therefore, anything sent to me since then has not been seen and I can NOT read anything received before that and still undealt with.
I have been using Thunderbird
I can send from it
my deleted box has disappeared and been replaced with a TRASH box which I can not read or delete.  
It comes up with a message that TRASH is being used by another process, wait until it is finished.
I have left it for hours but whatever process is running is not going away.  I have also killed the obvious processes with <CTRL><ALT><DEL>
Does anyone have a suggestion -- if so, please reply to 
davidingram at
(but only for this purpose)  
Richard Pitt is on his way over to ty and figure it out.
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