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QUESTION: Hello David. I am an entrepreneur, film producer and consultant in business incubation and my wife is an engineer (IT) and we have one child. 
And unfortunately at this time in history, we are US CItizens. We feel like hostages under the war-monger Bush-Cheney junta and would love to offer our  
valuable skills to the People of Canada. What is the best way to emigrate? 

david ingram replies:

The fastest and most likely way is to find Canadian jobs first and be sponsored by the employer(s).
The good part about coming to Canada is that you do not lose your US citizenship.  You can become a dual citizen and return to the US at will.  Had two couples in the movie business do that this month wjhn they did not like the weather and returned to Southern California. As an aside, I think Bush was a saviour with his actions.  Unfortunately, he spent too much and went too far.  It is hard to be perfect.  I hate to think how far Al Qaeda might have gone or wouldhave gone without the War on Terrorism.  It is extremely unfdortunate as well that the cost has been so high to American Taxpayers. 
The worst part of the American dream is the United states' failure to provide Universal GOVERNMENT funded Health Care.  Just abvout everyone knows that 75% of US Bankruptcies are caused by medical bills.  I have known that for years.  What took me completely by surprize was the fact that 75% of the 75% of the bankruptcies HAD MEDICAL INSURANCE but it was NOT ENOUGH.  That just does NOT happen in Canada.  
It sounds like either of you could come to Canada on a working visa if you found the right employer.  Once here for a year, the fact that you have had a job in Canada for a year can add ten points to the points necessary to become a Permanent resident of Canada.

You can also just make the attempt on your own but even then, having an arranged job to come to is a plus.

You need 67 points to qualify under our self-assessing test.

Take the test at:
This is the self-assessment test for an individual to determine his or her eligibility to immigrate to Canada without being sponsored by a spouse.

If you get a score of 67 or better you qualify to sponsor yourself to Canada.

67 or better, goto for regular or simplified process.

Most applicants must use the simplified process. However, you must use the regular process if:

  • You are a provincial nominee;
  • You have been selected by Quebec;
  • You are eligible for points for arranged employment;
  • You have been lawfully admitted to Canada for a period of at least one year and you are submitting your application at the Canadian visa office in Buffalo; or
  • You have been lawfully admitted into the United States for a period of at least one year and you are submitting your application at the Canadian visa office in Buffalo.

If none of the situations described above apply to you, you must use the simplified application process.

Good Luck!

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