Why alcohol disappeared as an alternate fuel. Biodiesel Motorhome - Road tax on alternate fuels.

I want to know how to pay road tax on biodiesel I produce myself .
david ingram replies:
I don't know what jurisdiction you are in so can not answer the question.  Every province and every state has a different set of rules. get hold of the local road tax authority. 
I lost a bid on eBay for a biodiesel motorhome which i really wanted. the motorhome had its own built in system for stopping at a MacDonald's and taking their used cooking oil and turning it into biodiesel in the motorhome itself.  There are a few of these running around.  An interesting video on one can be found at:  http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=WVO+Motorhome+RV+crosses+America+on+waste+Vegetable+Oil&search_type=&aq=f  It starts in Sqamish BC.
However, I have been looking into electric cars and alcohol fueled cars and you might find this interesting.
The Following comes to me from Brasscheck TV.  I have to say that most of it is
truly a mix of conspiracy theory mixed in with a bit of reality.
However, I know there was an alcohol based Model T because my gfrandfather had one in Manitoba.
Did Rockefeller encourage prohibition to stop the production of alcohol for 14 years as the next two things suggest? 
I leave it to you to decide. Back in about 1960, we ran a Model T at the university of manitoba using a methane generator using a dead cat as fuel.  It could also use just abut any garbage, it was a true biofuel.
If you want a break from the Republican convention and have an interest in alternate fuels  and why we quit using alcohol, you might want to read the following and then watch the five minute brasscheck video after that.
david ingram
The following has a very interesting first part of a video.  Haven't found the second part yet.

Amnesia...the loss of memory.

Sometimes it's induced deliberately
by re-writing history. 

90 years ago, the biggest con job in
modern history took place in broad

I'm not talking about the creation
of the Federal Reserve, though that
was a big one too.

No. I'm talking about something
so profound - and so obvious -
that once you hear it, you will
marvel at how hundreds of millions
of people could have missed it.

Part One of a series...



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Proof that our dependence on oil
was a deliberately manufactured
and artfully maintained scam.
- Brasscheck

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