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my brother lives in canada and want to donate his used car to me (i live in us )Can we do it How this can be done  

david ingram replies:

Importing cars into the USA from any country requires that they meet safety standards as outlined in the Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966 as revised in 1988 in the Imported Vehicle Safety Compliance Act; to air pollution control standards as outlined in the Clean Air Act of 1968 and amended in 1977 and again in 1990; and to the bumper standards of the 1972 Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act that were effective in 1978.

You should start off at the EPA site at: where you will find the following:

Follow the links herein:  Pay particular attention to # 3 below.

Quick Overview of Vehicle Import Requirements

  1. Vehicles 21 Years Old Or Older
  2. U.S. version vehicles and engines
    1. What is a U.S. version vehicle?
    2. What you should know about exporting a U.S. version vehicle
    3. EPA requirements for importing a U.S. version vehicle
      C. (1) For a U.S. version vehicle that has been modified or altered
      C. (2) For all other U.S. version vehicles 
  3. Canadian version vehicles and engines
    1. For a Canadian vehicle that is identical to a U.S. version
    2. For vehicle that is being imported by an Canadian who has obtained immigrant, worker, or student status
    3. For vehicle that is inherited by a U.S. resident from a Canadian resident
  4. Other non-U.S. version vehicles and engines
    1. What is a non-U.S. version vehicle?
    2. Exclusions
      B. (1) For old vehicles manufactured before the EPA regulations
      B. (2) For an engine not installed in a vehicle or chassis
      B. (3) For 2005 or earlier model year off road/recreational vehicles not safe or practical to drive on streets and highways
      B. (4) For a racing vehicle
      B. (5) For a vehicle powered by unregulated fuel
    3. Exemptions
      C. (1) For situations of extreme hardship
      C. (2) For vehicles that are identical to U.S. versions 
    4. Importations by an independent commercial importer (ICI)
  5. Temporary importations = vehicles or engines that are not intended to remain in the U.S.
    1. For repair or alteration
    2. For display
    3. For testing purposes
    4. For vehicle imported by diplomats or foreign military members
    5. For vehicles imported by non-residents

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