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Wednesday, June 17, Broadcast

If you ever wondered about how to become a Shaman, tonight is the night to find out.
My guest at 6 PM will be Dr John-Luke Edwards a Genuine Shaman who teaches others how to be Shamans as well.
Rather than try and tell you about him and an upcoming conference in Squamish BC, I am going to refer you to his personal web page which you can see at
The Squamish Conference details >From Nov 5th to the 8th can be found at
At 7 PM, my guest will be Christine Louw.  (604) 990-3936 - One can only describe Christine as a Senior Realtor with experience in South Africa and Vancouver Canada.  She specializes in International Buyers however and if you have been thinking aobut buying that home in BC, tonight might be the time to call in.
Remember. your toll free number to call is 1-866-980-0499
To see the broadcasts live and ask a question, log in to  Tonight, the live broadcast should be viewable with any web browser.
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