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Tonight, June 10, 2009 broadcast on -


Up until tonight, we have not been able to broadcast for Macs.  Tonight you should be able to watch with Firefox and a Mac as well as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
Tonight, from 7 to 8 PM at least, you can get your international investment and income tax questions answered 'for free' by Dan Walkow and/or myself david ingram at 1-866-980-0499, a free call from anywhere in North America.
Dan is the President and founder of Seabank Capital, a specialist in US canada investing and licenced to deal with your IRA, RRSP, 401(K), LIRA or RRIF no matter where you live.
The rest of the time, you can find him at 1-866-541-9952
So - if you have a US Canada Income tax question or a US Canada investment question or have been told by your stockbroker or bank or mutual fund person that they can NOT deal with you anymore because you live in another jurisdiction, remember that it is not your fault, it is THEIR problem because they have not registered themselves and their company to dal with the jurisdiction to which you have moved.
Dan can also look after a Canadian only client or a US only client and is a great fellow to be involved with NOW if you think you are going tro move to another country in the future.
Please also note that Dan can Take over an existing portfolio.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SELL (AND INCUR FEES) to move your account from TD WATERHOUSE or RBC or BANK OF AMERICA to deal with DAN.
The show will be archived at along with other interesting shows with Dan,
* Dan Walkow - as above
* Ellen Thomsen, author of ILLUSIONS, Biography of a High Class Escort
* Paul Swingle PHD, ADD, Autism, Aspergers, Addictions, closed head injuries
* Susan Jacks - singer 9 ex of the Poppy Family or Susan and Terry jacks
* Bill Vander Zalm - former Premier of BC
* Richard Pitt - Producer of the show and a partner with Stuart Lynne in Wimsey.Com, the First commerical Internet Service Provider in Canada
* Christine Buckham - Energy healer
* Kenji Okuda - Internment of Japanese in US after Pearl Harbour
* Mari Swingle - Using Neuro Bio Feedback to improve childrens; speech and writing
* Kris Paulson - Author of Fish Tales and Folk Stories - a delightful Scanadinavian book
* Terry Roades PHD - Parenting
* Shoni Fields - Member of the Citizens Assembly on the STV (Single Transferable Vote) which went down to defeat in the May 12, 2009 BC election
* Chris Delaney - Former leader of Unity Party of BC and recent Provincial conservative in May 12th election
* Don Nixdorf, Chiropracter - co-author of SQUANDERING BILLIONS, waste of our medical dollar (Before M Moore's SICKO)
* David Hancock - - He and Richard Pitt above are reponsible for people around the world being able to watch eagles hatching, herons hatching and salmon spawining live on the internet
And, we hope that Jesse Dylan, author of "THE GOOD LIFE" will be here at 8 PM if traffic allows.