Becoming a non-resident of Canada

QUESTION: hi David my name is xxxxxxxx. I am about to move to dubai for a
flight attenadant training and if everything goes well i will be there for
the next three years so my question is : being a canadian and an algerian
citizen should i pay the canadian goverment taxes while working in dubai
and if yes what should I do for the record I am single no wife in canada or
anywhere else,I have 3 credit cards,no house no car so I hope this will help
you to answer my question Thanks again for your time

david ingram replies:

I have several clients in Dubai and Kuwait. From your name, I surmise that
you might even have UAE citizenship. If so, article IV of the Canada UAE
Tax Treaty would apply.

Read the next question after this. It deals with Dubai in
a former question.

If you need help, you know where I am.


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