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question: I'm a 63-year old Canadian citizen who lived in Canada until age 13, then lived/worked in U.S. with green card until age 43, then moved back to Canada permanently. From a statement I received from U.S. Social Security, I'll get $1178/month when I turn 66, or less if I take it earlier. Though I've looked extensively online, I do not know if the U.S. will hold back anything for taxes or if I just convert it to Canadian dollars and it gets added to the wee income I'll get from CPP, OAS and a pension from work here in Canada and gets taxed here? Can you tell me?


Your social security will be added to line 115 of your Canadian return.  It is NOT taxed in the USA.

15% of the amount can be deducted on  line 256 of the return so you only pay tax on 85%.

It also qualifies for the $2,000 pension income deduction.

You can find most of this in the government T1 guide you get at the post office.


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