Syndication/RSS Feeds

Use the syndication feeds to get up to date information from the CEN-TA web site. All our postings to the e-mail lists including CEN-TAPEDE and the US and Canadian versions are posted to this site.

Choose from various feeds including the whole site, just Front Page, or individual topics

CEN-TA recommends using Thunderbird as your RSS News reader (and your e-mail client if you are not already using it. To turn on RSS feeds go to Tools > Account Settings > Add  - and select RSS News & Blogs

Once you have done this you may add our feeds. New postings will automatically show up as highlighted entries for you to read at your liesure. No more losing them in e-mail or having them end up in the spam bucket because of agressive spam filtering by your ISP.


You can also have them made available by most recent web browsers. Simply click on the feed icon for the list and follow the prompts in your browser to set up the automatic feed page on such systems as Bloglines, Yahoo and Google


Our Syndication Feeds

RSS Front Page Articles - articles we deem important enough to put on our front page
RSS US/Canada Cross Border - articles on US-Canada cross border problems
RSS US Tax & Immigration - items on US specific tax and/or immigration. Answers, etc.
RSS Canada Tax & Immigration - items on Canadian tax and/or immigration. Answers, etc.
RSS General Articles - articles about tax, immigration, business and personal finances
RSS News Items of Interest - News items from around the globe of interest to our viewers
RSS All Articles - The full feed - every article as soon as it is available

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