From non-resident in Thailand to resident of Canada in Dubai without going home

Dear David

I have enjoyed reading your responses on a wide variety of topics and situations and currently find myself in one that I have not seen addressed yet.

I am a Canadian and have been working in Thailand for the past three years, I have done everything needed to establish non-resident status in Canada. I intend to complete my current contract in August, 2006 here before taking a position with a Canadian employer in Dubai. Once there, I could elect to pay EI, CPP and also have deductions for a Canadian College Teachers Pension fund - in effect, become a Canadian resident, without having actually resided in Canada between the work here in Japan and the position in Doha. It appears that this might be more beneficial in the long run than continuing with non-resident status, as the employer has factored in adequate extra compensation for Canadian taxes and a per diem which I would not get if I were to take the job under non-resident status.

Will this jeapordize the non-residency I have established for my time spent here in Thailand? How would I go about switching my status back to Canadian resident without taking a chance on having the four years in Thailand made subject to Canadian taxes - or is this not a concern?

Thanks for your insights.

david ingram replies:

Thailand is a tax treaty country and it is not necessary to sever as many ties to Canada as it is when one goes to Qatar or Dubai or Kuwait, etc.

If you are going to be a Canadian resident in Dubai and pay tax to Canada, I see no problem with the move - good luck!

Of course, we should be doing your return at the time.


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