Hawaii moving to Vancouver Island fulltime/part time


Aloha, please do not tell me to stay in Hawaii. I have had the best of 20
years here and now it is time to leave. I am seeing from your email that
Canada is not friendly from a tax standpoint. What would you suggest my
husband and I do if we want to live on Vancouver Island? We have a federal
retirement and social security and a business in which we are self employed
and may consider doing that business in Canada, but maybe not. Could we
live in the US and Canada? We are novices at this and need some guidance.
Thank you for your input...

david ingram replies:

It is almost impossible to come to Canada if you are retired and not
intending to work. If you are "young" retired, you may qualify as a skilled
worker, an entrepreneur or an investor. The self-employed category only
applies to farmers and the arts. If you were well represented artists,
actors, musicians or sports figures you might qualify.

Time is very short for me right now so I am going to refer you to the CIC
(Canadian Immigration and Citizenship) website:

You can see the different classifications and rules at:


If you can find a category that fits, let me know and we can help you.

Remember though that there is not much difference between the San Juan
Islands and Vancouver Island. If you go to Roche Harbor or Camano or Whitby
Islands, you have the best fo both worlds. The lowest personal income tax
in North America (Washington State is one of the absolute lowest) and the
same climate.


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