Does Revenue Canada ever give up?


I have a tiny company in the US that I formed in 2001. I purchased the
software that I had worked on for several years. Unfortunately, I named the
company the same as the one that existed prior to mid-1998 (even though we
incorporated in a different state). I was an employee in that company. There
were two intervening companies that owned this software. I do not do
business in Canada .

Apparently that 1998 company had a tax liability assessed by revenue Canada.
For a year or so I have been receiving letters demanding payment. I wrote a
few responses explaining that these were different companies. I never
received a reply just more form letters.

Will this be the total of Revenue Canada's activity? Will they eventually
give up? Will they hire a US based collection agency to harass me?


david ingram replies:

Send the CRA a copy of your incorporation papers which are, supposedly after
the original bill.

If you are not a shareholder of the first company, you should be home free.

If you are/were a shareholder of the first company, you may have a problem.

Any comments anyone?


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