US states that don't charge dual taxation


I am trying to find out about US states that don't charge dual tax for
Canadian citizens with a working visa to the United States.
I have a friend (Canadian Citizen) who is trying to find out about States
that only charge the American tax (excluding the Canadian tax).
He knows that Florida, North Carolina, and San Diego (CA), charge American
tax only, but he wants to find out more. I am trying to help him
with the info, at the same time it is a knowledge for me as well.'
Thank you for your cooperation.
And I hope to hear from you soon.

david ingram replies:

There is no such thing as you suggest and California is the most draconian state
when it comes to taxing Canadians because California is the only state that
taxes the internal earnings of your Canadian RRSP

Some states do not have an income tax at all. Therefore, they don't tax
Canadians; but they don't tax Ethiopians or Americans either. Washington,
Alaska, Wyoming, Nevada, Texas Florida, Tennessee do not tax wages or self
employment while Tennessee taxes investment income. New Hampshire does not
tax wages but does tax self-employment and interest and dividends.

North Carolina falls in the middle of taxing everyone.

You can likely find out more by going to and reading the
{US/Canada Taxation} section in the second box down on the right hand side.


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