Immigration to Canada by Korean with H1B in the US

Subject: Immigration to Canada.
Expert: [email protected]
Date: Monday March 12, 2007
Time: 04:15 PM -0500



I want to know how to become Canadian residency. I'm South Korean who has been in US with H1B-visa since Jan, 2003. My company(University of xxxxxxxxxx) wouldn't go farther than H1. Have 2 bachelor degrees.
One from University of xxxxxxxxx.(Math).
Another form Seoul National University (Food Science and Technology), Also, My mom is US green card holder. She filed I-130 about 3 years ago.

I got a referral from Boonie-Lynn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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david ingram replies:

It is 1 AM and your question did NOT make the cut for free answers until I saw Bonnie-Lynn XXXXX's name. Although she has not been a client for years after moving to the US, out of the 10,000 or so people whom I have personally dealt with over the past 44 years, she stands out as an example of someone who can go back to University and achieve a major position while continuing in her full time job. She is a very special lady.

Either of your degrees would qualify you to work in Canada but you would have to find a job first and your entry to Canada would be under the equivalent of the H visa you have for the US.

It would likely take four to six months for approval.

Another strong possibility is to apply on your own for the equivalent of a Canadian green card. We call it a PR or Permanent Resident card. (The official term for a US green card is a Resident Alien Card).

However, watch out. If your mother has a valid sponsorship going for you for the US, you do not want to jeopardize that application. On the other hand if you know it is going to take seven or eight more years, you could come to Canada, get Canadian citizenship first and then go back to the US as a green card holder and have the best of all worlds (if you disregard the south of France that is).

You have to pay attention the self-assessing test to sponsor yourself. Your fee for this answer is to take Bonnie-Lynn a bouquet of Flowers.

The following older Q&A will give you some more information and where to go for more. 'You' do NOT qualify for a TN visa because you are not a US citizen.


My question is: Canadian-specific

QUESTION: I would like to buy a home in Canada and would be interested in
getting a dual US/CDN citizenship. How difficult is it to get dual US/CDN

david ingram replies:

It is 10 x's as easy and much quicker for an American to get Canadian
Citizenship then it is for a Canadian to get American Citizenship.

An excellent source of information can be found on the CIC website at:

Individual items can be found at

read those and see what you think and whether you would qualify to come as a
skilled worker. To do that you would need to score 67 points on the
self-assessing test at:

I get the idea you may be an architect. If so, you can immigrate to Canada
on a Treaty NAFTA working visa in one day if you have a legitimate job offer
in your profession. After a couple of years on this temporary visa, it
would be very easy for you to achieve permanent residence and then
citizenship status.

Let me know if I or my associates can help you in a professional manner?