TN house renting in USA

> I a Canadian working on a TN visa in the US. Canadian tax ties severed for
> years. I bought a new house and want to rent my old house out (both in the
> USA). Can I do this? Thanks for the help.
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david ingram replies:

You can certainly rent out the old house but better watch out when it comes
to repairs, etc.

Technically, you can NOT clean, decorate, repair, paint or even collect the
rent legally.

You should hire a property manager to do all of that for you.

Now, do I know of a single case where a TN has been deported for renting out
a US house and doing repairs?? The answer is NO!. But then, I have likely
done 2,000 returns for TN visa holders since 1989 when the FTRA was signed.
I do not remember a single case where a TN was renting a US house out. Very
unusual circumstance.