Canadian selling a car in US

Hi Dave

I worked in Tacoma, WA from April 2006 till December 2006 on a TN visa. My husband continued to work in Canada and would come down there to visit me. While in Tacoma, we bought a car (mercedes benz). I have not imported it into Canada yet because of the high duties we would have to pay. We would like to sell it in the US to avoid having to import the car. I understand that since my TN is now expired, I have no rights to sell the car in the US. My husband is a Canadian landed immigrant and has a B1/B2 visa for the US. Can he sell the car in the US since it is under his name? The car still has Washington plates.

Thanks for your help!
David Ingram replies:

I know of no law that prevents either of you from selling that car in the USA. However, there is likely a problem with your accepting the cash although people do it every day.

Nothing to do with a TN gives you a different right to sell.

If you have it for sale, and are worried, hire someone to take the cash for you and have them deposit it in your bank account.

If you had a TN, you are a Canadian citizen.  Every time you cross the border, you have an automatic paperless B1/B2 status.  If you go down for business, it is a B1 status.  If you go down for pleasure, it is a B2 status. Canadians, as a rule, rarely get their B1/B2 as a piece of paper. �