Start up e-commerce

Dear david:

I live in Nova Scotia, want to start on on line store. And want be able to sell onlaine anywhere.I plan to move in the future to Ontario. I was thinking of registering the business location in Ontario, because; developement of technlogy and future residence. My online store will be operated only by me and my wife. Can you answer two questions?

1. Can & should I use a Sole propiator business type for e-commerce?
2. how can I register my business now in light of my plans?

Thank you
david ingram replies:

From right where I am sitting, since 1969 I managed to open some 700 locations in 5 provinces, 30 states and 5 countries if everything was counted.

At the moment, I operate with two municipal business licences which I only obtained in the last 24 months because up to then I did not have A BUSINESS LICENCE AT THIS LOCATION ALTHOUGH I HAD LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF BUSINESS LICENCES at other locations in other states, provinces and countries.

From this location, I deal with people around the world and I deal as a sole proprietorship.

You can get a municipal licence and operatre a web based business as a sole proprietorship anywhere. It is the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to operate.

When you move to Guelph or Toronto or Sault Ste Marie, get another municipal licence. In the meantime, your server could be anywhere. I 'think' mine is in Los Angeles at the moment but it has been all over the place.

The MAIN reason you need the municipal licence is that you will need it to get registered as a credit card vendor.